Terms of use

By using HARVie’s Classifieds at http://harvard.officeaccord.net (referred to here as the “site”) you hereby agree to and accept these Terms of Use.

This service is provided for the personal use and benefit of Harvard faculty and staff only. Users of the site may not use it for commercial purposes intended to make a profit, nor may they use it in any way that is illegal or facilitates illegal activity. Any action that could be seen as unethical, harmful, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, obscene or offensive is prohibited. Selling awards given by Harvard for employee or retiree recognition is prohibited. Tickets may not be sold for more than face value on this site. Users who post links to third-party websites within their listing should be sure that such websites are safe and do not cause harm or viruses to others using the HARVie classifieds.

Harvard is not a party to any agreement or transaction between users, nor is Harvard or OfficeAccord LLC (the software service provider) liable in any matter arising from a dispute or transaction between users.

Harvard Human Resources (HHR) reserves the right to delete any posting, and to delete or suspend a user’s account and withdraw all services to a user without notice, at its sole discretion. HHR reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time without notice and without liability to users.

In short, please post and respond responsibly, honestly, and courteously.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I post items for sale from a family member or friend (e.g., a car, sofa, etc.)?

    Yes, as long as it is a personal item and not one purchased for the purpose of reselling for a profit. You will need to ensure that the actions and conduct of the family member or friend conform with the Terms of Use.

  2. Can I post the services of a friend or relative such as a hair salon, snow plowing, auto repair service or a restaurant?

    No. This Site should not be used to solicit work for commercial businesses.

  3. Can I post information to rent my house, condo, apartment, vacation home, etc.?

    Yes, as long as you are not doing so as part of a significant, ongoing commercial venture.

    For example, if you own a vacation home and want to offer it for rent during the summer or ski season, that is welcome on the site. Seeking a housemate for a spare bedroom in your apartment, leasing the other unit in your two-family house, or offering to rent out a condo you still own after buying a house – all are fine. Listings for commercial leasing of houses or apartments -- professionally-represented by a broker with associated broker’s fees -- are prohibited on this site.

  4. Can I sell the gift I received from Harvard for my years or service or retirement on HARVie’s list?

    No, tangible gifts or awards given by Harvard for recognition – of service, retirement, or work accomplishments – are a token of Harvard’s appreciation and are not meant to be monetized. As a recognition award, it was not taxable to the recipient or reportable by Harvard. Converting the gift to cash by selling it on HARVie’s List is prohibited. Please see http://hr.harvard.edu/service-milestone-gifts for information about returning or exchanging a service award.

  5. Can the site be used to ask for a referral for a service like a plumber or dog walker?

    Yes, although responses to referral requests should be done privately – through email or a telephone call. Our intent is to enable users to benefit from the knowledge of the Harvard community and the good experiences that other users have had with a service provider. However, those who respond should refrain from directly marketing a product or service for commercial purposes.

  6. Can I post tickets for an event (i.e., symphony, football tickets, etc.) on the site?

    It depends. If you purchased tickets that you need to sell because you will not be able to attend the event, then the answer is yes. You may sell those tickets only at face value or less than face value. If you are promoting events or selling tickets commercially, you may not do so on this site.

  7. Are there any restrictions on when I can use the site?

    Use of the site should not interfere with your work. It is each individual’s responsibility to use the site appropriately during non-work time.

  8. Can I post information about non-profit/charitable events?

    Yes. Users are allowed to post notices announcing charitable events (with a fundraising component) such as a ride or walk for a cure, a local church or craft fair, or a benefit. Opportunities for volunteering, for gatherings of special interest or affiliation groups, for cultural and educational enrichment, and for events like yard sales, rummage sales, and free-cycle swaps are fine to post.

  9. Can I buy or sell an MTBA pass on the Classifieds?

    We encourage people to sell their MBTA passes if switching commute modes, missing a deadline to cancel an order or otherwise not using a pass for that month. Passes, however, cannot be sold for more than the Harvard price paid.